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The American Registered Architects Education Fund Inc. aka SARA Education Fund was established in March 2005.  SARA Education Fund is a not for profit 501c3 tax exempt Corporation.


The Board of Directors is comprised of Past Presidents of the Society of America Registered Architects.  The Society of American Registered Architects (SARA) was founded in 1956 as a professional society that includes the participation of all architects, regardless of their roles in the architectural community. SARA follows the Golden Rule and supports the concept of profitable professionalism for its members.

Society of American Registered Architects website www.sara-national.org 


SARA Education Fund has expanded the Society of American Registered Architect Motto

Architect Helping Architect  


Architect Helping Architect…Architect Helping Student…Student Helping Student

SARA Education Fund Inc.

Board of Directors

President:                   Barry E. Milowitz, FARA

Vice President:            Michael J. Macaluso, FARA

Treasurer:                  Robert J. Firneis, FARA

Legal Counsel:            Raymond T. Mellon, Esq.


Directors – SARA Past Presidents

     Onofrio V. Bertolini, FARA

     Raymond J. Blesener, FARA

     Richard N. Bonsignore, FARA

     Wayne C. Bryan, FARA

     Gerald R. Gross, FARA

     N. Michael Griffith, FARA

     Richard C. Holden, FARA

     Ronald A. Knabb Jr., FARA

     John M. Maple, FARA

     Suzette I. Stoler, FARA