© 2017 SARA Education Fund, Inc. 

Mission Statement 

Purpose and Objectives of the Corporation shall be as follows:


To provide educational opportunities to architectural students, intern architects, registered and licensed architects throughout the USA, The Americas, and every other country of the World.


To unite the architectural profession and to promote and forward the objectives and purposes of the Corporation known as the American Registered Architects Education Fund Inc.


To provide competition opportunities to architectural students.


To stimulate and encourage continual improvement of the architectural profession, cooperate with other professions, and to represent and act for the betterment of the architectural profession through Continuing Education.


To encourage the active participation of architects in civic affairs generally, to the end that the general public may become better acquainted with and more fully appreciate the contributions of the architectural profession toward the peace, health, culture, safety and security of Corporation, and to the end that all architects may become more deeply conscious of their obligations to the public and their duties as members of the profession, and as citizens, to contribute their full share toward the preservation of the peace, health, and safety of the public.


To advance the arts and sciences of architecture, the allied arts, and other sciences for the benefit of the general public.


To perform any act which will advance, aid or assist in the development of this Education Corporation and its objectives and activities.